Level I and level II market in the same DOM
We can have the Order Book and the Time&Sales in the same visual field.
Exclusively dedicated to the crypto market
For the FIAT world there are similar platforms but not with the data of the most popular exchanges and the exchanges do not pour the information into their platforms so simplified.
Perfect for scalping
Our widget is perfect for detecting false walls and iceberg orders. You can really see what's going on behind the scenes.


There are several ways to scalp the crypto markets. Something to keep in mind are the broker's commissions. With this tool I can measure how many ticks I need to exceed the commission and be in profit by detecting walls and market momentum.

- Pablo Macera

A very good tool to complement my scalping set and make quick profits. The good thing about scalping is that it doesn't matter what price the asset is at because the operations are for minutes or seconds.

- Toni Vargas

I am a user of similar tools in futures markets, but I have never seen anything similar for crypto markets. There are still things to improve and update, but without a doubt this tool has a lot of projection.

- Alfredo Perez

what is bitsaw

An indispensable tool for scalping in crypto markets

Currently in its BETA version but fully operational, BitSaw is a widget/tool ‚Äč‚Äčthat allows you to deeply analyze the market without having to have multiple windows open. Both the order book and Time & Sales are embedded in the DOM. You have limit orders, limit and market orders executed at each price, the sum of total orders executed and momentum indicators, moving averages of 50 and 200 periods and alarms for iceberg orders and false walls.

We are continually updating and for every buyer of the platform all future updates will be free.


*At the moment BitSaw is only available for Windows, but soon you will have it for MAC or Linux.

If you want buy BitSaw tool, send us an email to and we will reply with the application file.