BitSaw 1.0

BitSaw's first attempt. And while data flow wasn't bad at all, the widget did crash eventually. A simple style with only the order book and the markets executed.

BitSaw 1.1

In this update we managed to expand the range of market orders and visualize on both sides the pulse between supply and demand marked with a green color for demand and red for supply.

BitSaw 1.2

We add the volume profile with a broader style. We add current real price as we widen the price jumps from 10 to 10 due to the high volatility of crypto assets. We add signals in volume profile from a certain figure.

BitSaw 2.0

The best design achieved with the Tkinter library with signals both in the volume profile and in the executed market orders. But we kept having the same problem, eventually it crashed.

BitSaw 3.0

Final scalable design and development, with a much more fluid library and no crashing problems. We added separating market orders from executed limit orders. We add moving averages, 50 and 200. We add several themes and two more pairs, BTCUSD and ETHUSDT apart from BTCUSDT.